First, I want to say thank you for visiting my blog! I’ve been wanting to start my writing for so long, but didn’t know how to begin or even what to write about. It wasn’t until I experienced domestic violence that I knew I had to spread awareness and help others who needed it the most. This was the perfect time to start.

For those who are experiencing domestic violence or abuse of any kind, I hope reading about my journey helps you in some way, shape or form. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I say this because that is exactly what I thought and felt. I felt extremely alone–so alone that I didn’t even want to live. My life wasn’t mine anymore. It belonged to my abuser. But please rest assured that your life belongs to you and no one else. Never forget that!

And for those of you who are interested in the topic, I only hope you help spread awareness because you’ll be saving many lives in the process. Domestic violence and trauma are one of those things you can never truly understand what it’s like unless you experience it firsthand. And sometimes one may be experiencing a type of abuse without even realizing it.

This brings me back to my life purpose in trying my best to help educate and bring awareness. Everyone’s experience is different. And I am here to bring my experiences to light–never to lessen those of others. I hope to empower and uplift the energy of victims and inspire them to become survivors. Thank you for taking interest in my blog!

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