Episode 9: Lead to My Epiphany, Part 1.

I had mentioned to my ex a couple of times that I wanted a pet. I always had a pet growing up and I found that I would always go to them as my unofficial emotional support animal. Because I didn’t realize that I was undergoing mental and emotional abuse, I had explained to him that having one could help with the fact that I was too emotional. Being “too emotional” was something he would always complain to me about. I thought it would also help both of us cope with our issues better and have something to care for.

The Gift.

One day, he told me to get ready because we were going to an animal shelter in Berkeley. I was torn between happiness and irritation. I was happy because I was going to get the emotional support animal I craved. And I was irritated because I was going to be the one to take care of this animal as well as pay for everything. I already did everything for him as if I was his caretaker and maid. And I was struggling financially because he wasn’t working and I didn’t know how I was going to take into account a pet. Although he claimed that getting a pet was for me, he wanted the kitten to be very young so that he could train it the way he wanted, as young as four weeks old or so.

Two Peas in a Pod.

When we got there, there were two kittens left snuggling in the corner of the cage. Their names were Nemo and Dory. They were from the same litter at three months old and have never been apart. Nemo was the curious one who came out right away to greet us, but Dory was timid one who stayed snuggled in the corner. I fell in love with them immediately and hated that we were going to separate them. I knew I was going to financially struggle even more, but I didn’t have the heart to split them up so we ended up getting both of them. After we adopted them, we headed straight to the pet store nearby and bought everything we needed for them.

I was so in love with my new kittens. They made me take my mind off of the horrid situation I was in from time to time. They were definitely my comfort animals. I felt such a connection to them that I couldn’t really pinpoint It until one day it clicked. To find out, stay tuned until next week. It starts to get pretty intense.

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